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‚Äč Nonnie What's God?

"I have a desire as an Author to continue to write Inspirational Children's books. Hoping to assist parents and grandparents with answers to religious questions asked by children.  Providing stories that may spark  a desire to learn more about God.  

A Great book for children.  July 2012

This inspirational children's book review is from : Angela Faulting

In the children's book, Nonnie, What's God?  Linda L. Lile has given many mothers help in answering questions about God.  I purchased the book for my 2 year old grandson.  Jordon loves  to have me read this book to him.  He has a great children's library and this book is his number one on the shelf.  He is now 6 years old and still selects it first when we visit.  Only now he reads it to me.

Thanks Linda for a book so beautifully written.  A great book for children about God.



What a Great book for all ages!  October 2008

This inspirational children's book review is from : KMS

This book is absolutely wonderful, Great for young children and adults too.

This book gives children an understanding of God, through a child's eyes, very easy to understand; really makes you think.  The art-work is amazing, beautiful vibrant colors.  This book is the inspirational children's book we have all been waiting for.   Thank you for bringing it to life, you are a very blessed individual.


Love this book! December 2011

This inspirational children's book review is from: Kathy

My granddaughter calls me "Nonnie" so of course I had to buy the book.

It is wonderful to share God with my granddaughter.  It is just perfect for a 2 or 3 year old. The pictures are lovely.  She loved it!

Thank you

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 Assisting with answers: to religious questions children ask about God.

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" Author doesn't clown around when it comes to faith"  January 2009

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