Inspirational Children's Book Reviews:

     Nonnie, What's God? & Whose Birthday Is It?

 Assisting with answers: to religious questions children ask about God.

A Great book for children.  July 2012

This inspirational children's book review is from : Angela Faulting

In the children's book, Nonnie, What's God?  Linda L. Lile has given many mothers help in answering questions about God.  I purchased the book for my 2 year old grandson.  Jordon loves  to have me read this book to him.  He has a great children's library and this book is his number one on the shelf.  He is now 6 years old and still selects it first when we visit.  Only now he reads it to me.

Thanks Linda for a book so beautifully written.  A great book for children about God.



What a Great book for all ages! October 2008

This inspirational children's book review is from : KMS

This book is absolutely wonderful, Great for young children and adults too.

This book gives children an understanding of God, through a child's eyes, very easy to understand; really makes you think.  The art-work is amazing, beautiful vibrant colors.  This book is the inspirational children's book we have all been waiting for.   Thank you for bringing it to life, you are a very blessed individual.


Love this book! December 2011

This inspirational children's book review is from: Kathy

My granddaughter calls me "Nonnie" so of course I had to buy the book.

It is wonderful to share God with my granddaughter.  It is just perfect for a 2 or 3 year old. The pictures are lovely.  She loved it!

Thank you

Nonnie, What's God?

A"Must Read" for children young and old. July 2018

This inspirational children's book review is from: Becky Gagnon, Retired Teacher and Community Library Staff​

Whose Birthday Is It? is a wonderful introductionto what Christmas is all about for the little ones learning about Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas.  Includes colorful illustrations, especially those of the grandchild frosting Christmas cookies, a tradition in many families.  A "Must Read" for children young and old.

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I have a desire as an Author to continue to write Inspirational Children's books. Hoping to assist parents and grandparents with answers to religious questions asked by children Providing stories that may spark  a desire to learn more about God.

Whose Birthday Is It?

Is a wonderful and nostalgic story book.  June 2018   

This inspirational children's book review is fromStacie Deik,  Early Childhood Director

It isenjoyable to read and lends the opportunity for a grandmother to share in the true meaning of Christmas.  A grandparent has a major influence in their grandchild's life especially in passing of faith.  This book would make an excellent gift!