Illustrator: Jenniffer Julich  shares the illustration medium  and techniques she used during the creation of "Nonnie, What's God?"  also discussing  a Hidden element  of this book and  gives a special thank you to Linda and several former clients.  View this and more at    

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​Author & Publisher;   Linda L. Lile

Whose Birthday Is It?

Author & Illustrator: Linda L. Lile              

​​​Nonnie, What's God?

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Shares Her journey of writing Christian Children's Books

My story:

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      Linda L. Lile

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​​​​​What began as an answer to a grandmother's prayers, has revolved into a lifetime of blessings.  Nonnie, What's God?  has taken me on an incredible journey. 

Now after 10 years I have written and illustrated my second book,  Whose Birthday Is It?



Like most I proudly wearing many titles such as Wife, being happily married to my best friend, Glen since 1971.  Mother, of three wonderful children who are grown and started families of their own.  They have blessed me with another title of Grandmother, or in my case "Nonnie!"  Becoming a grandparent has brought such joy to my life.  My grandchildren truly inspire my desire to write Christian Children's Books.

Since my first book, I have retired from working for more than 26 years as a Teaching Assistant for  a local ISD.   There I was able to help young adults with learning life skills and assisted them with transitioning safely into our community.  

I have also enjoyed the Art of Clowning, both professionally and inspirationally for all ages. 

As Daffie the clown I have connected with others through laughter for more than thirty years.   One of my greatest joys was sharing in a clown ministry, known as the Cheerful Witness.  I felt blessed to assisted in writing inspiring skits, as well as performing throughout our community.

The titles of PublisherAuthorandnow  Illustrator of Christian Children's Books, certainly was not part of my personal plan.  I feel truly blessed for these gifts and continue to give God the praise and glory for the ability to share these messages. 

I can't explain how it warms my heart when a child makes a connection with my books. 

My personal goal is to help children realize God is always available to them and that they never have to feel alone. 

I'm truly inspired by events that occurred with my  grandchildren and as most grandparents might agree, the best stories happen when you least expect them.


My personal mission is to be open to hearing Gods word and I am praying he will continue to allow me to share these gifts of teaching through a Christian Children's book ministry. 

My dream is to help supply the tools for Parents and Grandparents that may in some small way assist in planting the seeds of faith.